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We have developed a strategy to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool to generate B2B connections. LinkedIn allows us to interact with 1500 decision-makers from a target market per month. This provides opportunities to develop long-term partnerships and receive a consistant flow of valuable leads.

We can help you connect with business professionals in your area that would be interested in your services or a partnership. Ask us how!


Why LinkedIn?

Because LinkedIn is a very powerful, highly targeted tool for B2B businesses that professionals all around the globe use to network and prospect.

Momo Marketing
High Buying Power

LinkedIn has the highest consumer buying power index of all social networks


LinkedIn members have more probability of engaging in conversation.


LinkedIn prospecting has a higher close rate than all other platforms.


LinkedIn members are there to build their business meaning starting a conversation is much easier.


Industries we work with

  • Accountants
  • Mortgage/Finance Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Lawyers
  • Anyone who can benefit from B2B connections

But we are not limited to these industries. Let’s have a chat and see if LinkedIn is the best marketing strategy for your business.


Benefits of LinkedIn as a marketing tool

With more than 550 million users on the platform, there is no doubt that having an effective LinkedIn strategy is the quickest way to build a solid B2B network and achieve success.

A report by the magazine Marketing Marketing “Social Selling Labs”, indicates that more than 90% of decision-makers do not respond to cold calls. LinkedIn is one of the most important B2B tools IF you know how to use it to its full potential.

Say goodbye to that old dreaded practice of cold calling or door knocking. LinkedIn allows us to directly contact and pre-qualify our audience. All that is left for you to do is close the deal!

Success Stories

Gavin McDonald

Liverpool, UK
Finance Broker

During our campaign, we scheduled Gavin 45 calls wit an ROI of over £8000 within the first month. Thanks to LinkedIn Prospecting he managed to create meaningful partnerships with many Property Developers.

Jaxon Avery

Gold Coast, Aus
Financial Advisor

“I engaged Momo marketing & Warren to expand my network for the purpose of growing my client base. I operate in finance & found Warren very honest & easy to deal with and wanting to ensure I was happy with each step of the process. Warren was thorough & ensured I was happy each step of the way & that I got enough value out of the marketing strategy we deployed. I am very happy & it has easily been worth the exercise going down this path & marketing strategy with warren. Some notes  -My Linkedin profile is to a higher standard -Several referrers I now have set up with referral agreements in force. Warren’s marketing strategy and company has massively helped me expand my business & I am thankful and pleased with the service & the way he operates.”

James Russel

Norwich, UK
Software Developer

During the first month of our LinkedIn prospecting campaign, we managed to get James 33 positive responses. James reported that he got 5 accountants to test his software and he also created 3 new Referral Partners with virtual security companies.

Rafael Protacio

Melbourne, Aus
Asset Finance Specialist

“Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with the marketing campaigns. We are two weeks in and the effect has been outstanding. I’ve brought on 3 referrers and had conversations with about half a dozen other referrers that are a work in progress. It is early days but it is safe to say, the return on investment is solid. I look forward to working with you closely on future campaigns.”

Hans Egger

Melbourne, Australia
Software Developer

During 8 month campaign, we scheduled in countless demonstrations with Financial Planners so Hans could show off his software. Many of those converting to paying customers resulting in a great ROI.

Hugues Claite

Perth, Australia
Mortgage Broker

We were able to schedule in 18 face to face appointments with Financial Planners and Hugues was able to create 5 new active referral partnerships. With even 1 referral per month, the ROI is huge.

Mark Walsh

Brisbane, Australia

We got Mark 8 face to face appointments and 12 more to be contacted in January. This campaign was launched during the month of December, a difficult month in Australia because of holidays and we still managed to get favourable responses and form beneficial connections.

Sam La

Merlbourne, Australia
Mortgage Broker

During our campaign, we helped Sam to schedule 30+ calls with Accountants. At the end of the month, he obtained 3 new Referral Partners and said that there were 4 others in the campaign that quite possibly would also convert.

Glen Falting

Brisbane, Australia
CEO of Australian Corporate Governance

Glen wanted to connect with Accountants who dealt with cross border clients so he could help their clients conduct business in Australia. At the end of the first month, Glen has 3 very positive connections that he was building solid relationships with, as well as a hand full of others to contact. The ROI of even 1 solid partnership would be great! Glen was very happy and we will continue working together!

Catrina Galanti

Melbourne, Australia
Trade Credit Insurance Specialist

“I worked with Warren to improve my Linked In profile to be more specific to my networking requirements. I found him to be friendly, insightful and reliable. Happy to recommend!”

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